Monday, March 14, 2011

New Work and Making Plans

This past weekend I was quite the busy bee. I finished a new piece (above), which I will have in the shop this evening. I might list a few versions of this print; the oval one, above, and a few different sizes of the original rectangular piece. I can really envision this light, feminine painting hanging above a makeup table or dresser. That was really my inspiration for the image.

The boy and I also spent a lot of time on a larger project that, *fingers crossed*, I will be able to share with you by the end of the week. I'm REALLY excited about how the whole thing is coming together..

On Sunday we sat down to do a bit of planning for this weekend's trip to Boston. It's so funny; we have been together for more than seven years and we have only ever taken day trips! We thought we would start small with a weekend getaway to the city. We are staying at the Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge, which looks like such a fun place. 

A. surprised me by setting up a hair appointment at Shag, a salon I have wanted to go to for years. I'm going to let them work their magic - no restrictions :) I have an appointment with a cutter who specializes in short hair, so I couldn't be more excited!

We also plan to stroll around Harvard Square, do a bit of shopping and eat some fantastic food. If  you are familiar with the Boston area and have suggestions for great places to eat, shop, etc. please share!

I hope your week is getting off to a wonderful start :)

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