Monday, July 26, 2010

A ... Spoon?

A few nights ago I asked my boy what he would like me to draw for him. I thought that it would be sweet to create something just for him, without the intention of eventually offering it in the shop. He pondered the question for a few minutes, and his answer really surprised me; "I would like you to draw me a spoon"..

A spoon? Yes, a spoon. To be honest, I wasn't super excited about the idea. But, the other night I did doodle a fancy little spoon for him and I have to say that I kind of like it! We mounted this little guy on red paper and he now hangs proudly in the kitchen.

I'm thinking I will have to ask for his ideas more often! Maybe some of them will end up here, where I made my first sale today!

Happy Monday all!

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