Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Change is Good

Those who know me will tell you that I love to change my hair. It's a running joke with some friends of mine that my hair is different literally every time I see them (once every couple of months). It's not really a joke, though, because that really is how often I change it up! Hair is like another accessory to me, and I love to play. I never worry about absolutely hating a style; hair grows back, right?!

On a whim a couple of weeks ago, I decided to go to more of a bob style with blunt bangs. My last, quite short hairstyle was growing out a bit and I was liking the long pieces around my face. I thought bangs would be fun to show off the vibrant red (not really visible in these pictures) it currently is. And don't tell anyone, but thick bangs allow my unruly eyebrows (truly) a bit of a break from the tweezers and scissors! As important as eyebrows are, I can get a little lazy about maintaining them (oops).

I'm loving the cut right now, so I just may keep it for a while. That is, until I suddenly decide to change it again!


  1. your hair is what every girl wants when she goes short- and rarely gets. soo cute!

  2. Thank you Maggie! I have a great stylist who loves to experiment, so it works out really well for me :)


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