Monday, August 2, 2010

Love is Like Gravity

Happy Monday all!

How is your week going? Today I thought I would share the latest piece I finished. I put the final touches on this sweet little drawing last night while relaxing on the couch, trying to mentally prepare myself for another week of work. I have yet to fully adjust to working full time. The schedule of a grad student just didn't seem to suck the energy out of me like the life of an "adult" does, but I digress.

I really like the simplicity of this image, and the textured backdrop (which doesn't come through on the screen, really). My boy came up with the name for this one, "gravity", which I think is kind of great! Love really is like gravity, is it not?  But I think love is different in that it only grows over time. The bond between A. and I strengthens as each day, week and year passes.

I think this piece will make it onto my wall, and into the shop, in the very near future. It's a sweet little reminder of just how great love is!

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