Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Abstract ... For a Blog?

I have been agonizing (truly) over how to begin this new adventure. I thought writing the abstract for a research paper was hard - this is a different beast entirely. Blogging is so personal, which is scary but exciting at the same time.

I am going to treat this, to some extent, as an exercise in letting go. The beauty of this project is that there is no set plan. I don't need an abstract, which is a relief! My hope is to let this blog evolve organically. I have no specific goals. My only objective is to have some fun and to connect with others.

I actually made my first official contribution to the blogosphere several days ago. I love fashion, but a daily schedule that largely revolves around lecture and research often results in a wardrobe driven by a desire to be comfortable. This is especially true in the winter when you live in New England, which I do.

To hold myself more accountable for my appearance, I joined a Flickr group devoted to showcasing the everyday looks of fellow bloggers. Bloganistas is full of fashion inspiration, and
I'm excited to contribute some of my own looks!

Here is me a few days ago..

I'm going to try to post my look each day (fingers crossed!) to the Flickr pool. It can't be that hard to pull it together each day, right?

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