Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Kitchen, In a Perfect World

At 23, I have lived on my own for less than two years. As an undergraduate student, I chose dorm-life as a matter of convenience. When I began grad. school, I moved into the apartment my boy and I still share.

We accumulated a lot of furniture pieces and kitchen necessities from family. What we didn't have - but quickly discovered we needed - we purchased as cheaply as possible. The dollar store was our friend when it came to kitchen basics, and sadly, it still shows almost two years later.

I didn't have an interest in cooking at all when I moved off campus. I quickly learned that I needed to make an effort if I wanted us to eat sensibly, and it quickly became a passion of mine. Being in the kitchen is now one of my favorite places to be!

I have slowly begun to replace the horribly cheap cooking utensils, pans, cooling racks etc. that I originally bought with nicer items. It's certainly a work in progress, and I am trying not to be to hasty. I want to wait until I can afford only the things that I really want.

I thought I would throw together a little list of things I hope to accumulate in the coming years (hopefully much sooner than later). I ultimately want a very bright, cheery and efficient kitchen that is great for entertaining and just fun to be in. Right now, we have what my mom fondly refers to as a "kitchenette". Realistically, it is large enough for one person (seriously).

These are a few things I have been eyeing for a while now:

Cake Stand:

I really love the cheerful color of this simple stand. I bake a lot, and I love making cakes for special occasions (or just because). This would be perfect for displaying my latest confection.

Quality Chef's Knife:

I would be too embarrassed to use my current knife in front of anyone. It is so tiny and dull! Most cooks would probably use this knife only for peeling potatoes - I use it for vegetables, steak, poultry and everything else! This should probably be my first purchase..


I have loved this bright dinnerware since I was a kid and first saw the collection my mother inherited, but sadly sold. I would LOVE to get my hands on those original pieces! I love the way this line is a bit quirky without being over-the-top. These would look fantastic on our vintage 50's kitchen table.

Espresso Maker:

This is the latest addition to my wish list, thanks to Martha. I saw her show this morning, and she was raving about how fantastic it is to be able to make fabulous coffee bar drinks from home. She made one for her guest (the name of the country singer escapes me), and he was beside himself. Not only does Martha love this, but it seems that every chic kitchen tour I see over at The Kitchn includes one of these on the counter top. I am sold - I have to have one.

The One-And-Only ... KitchenAid:

It's true, and very sad, that I do not yet own one of these. I must resort to my little hand mixer whenever I bake (gasp!). It's probably not the worst thing, as our kitchen is so small. I am not sure where I would put it in this apartment. However, this will be my FIRST purchase once we have a larger place. Let's hope they still have this amazing color by the time I can get one!

I would post a picture of my current cooking space, but I am still in the process of installing programs back onto my computer after my computer crashed. I will post some soon!

What kitchen items are on your wish list?

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