Thursday, January 14, 2010

Doing it Myself ... And Not Getting Far

This past week marked the beginning of the spring semester. This usually means that any DIY projects I started but did not complete during my time off will remain that way until May, at least.

Exhibit A: Several months ago I got the bright idea to reupholster the vintage 50's - style kitchen chairs I have in my apartment. I adore the table set, so I wanted to repair the badly damaged chairs (I love my kitties dearly, but they are so destructive). However, a grad. student stipend doesn't allow for such extravagant purchases. So, I chose to buy the materials myself and give it a go. How hard could it be, right?

As it turns out, reupholstering furniture is extremely difficult! It is such hard work, friends. In several months time, I have completed only one chair, and I dread the idea of having to complete the other three. My sole motivation to keep going stems from the fact that the first chair came out really well...

The new year, for me, marks a renewed attempt to keep up with the creative projects I enjoy (this one not so much, it turns out) even though I am back in school.

Let's hope I have a finished product to share with you very soon!

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