Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bringing Etsy Home With Me..

(The Snuggery, The Little Stitch, Kain-Kain Shop, The Home Centric all featured on Etsy)

This past Christmas, my parents were way too generous (as they always are). As a gift to my boy and I, they purchased a very nice, brand new couch!

A sofa just wasn't realistic for our budget, so we had been making do with a chaise lounge and a yard-sale-find chair. The set-up was not ideal, so I cannot tell you how thrilled we are about this new addition.

We joke that now we are more like real people* - we can actually entertain more than one person comfortably!

A new couch gives me a great excuse to support the fabulous and flourishing handmade industry. I became aware of the Etsy community an embarrassingly short time ago, and since then I have been dying to start incorporating the work of such talented artists in my own home.

I want to find a really eclectic mix of throw pillows for the new couch and our existing chaise. I am loving the great texture of these Etsy finds (particularly the gnome pillow that brings to mind the French movie Amelie).

I hope to post a little house tour in the coming week, as a way to document the updates and changes I make. My home is always a work in progress, which is a lot of fun!

* In my experience, and those of many others I have talked with, being a grad. student has a funny way of making you feel isolated. More posts on this random thought later..

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