Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wee Snack Packs and Birthday Baking

Full disclosure: I am a really, really big "snacker".

On any given day, I will have three to five snacks (at least). So, imagine my elation when I found these adorable little snack packs by downhomeamy! I take munchies with me everywhere I go, and these darling little snack totes will look much cuter than a lame plastic Ziploc as I pull one out of my bag to snack in class, at work, the movies (shhhh!) etc. etc. etc.

They are so cute, it's too hard to choose just one!

This weekend is my dear friend's birthday. So, that means a lot of baking today! I am making this fabulous bread (a staple in our home), along with these lemon cloud cookies I discovered on the blog of my new girl crush. I plan to pair the cookies with some nice tea and the bread with an interesting cheese. I hope to share the finished product with you tomorrow. I am horrible about taking pictures, though, so fingers crossed..

What are your plans for this beautiful, sunny (in the Northeast at least) weekend?

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness these are so perfect! I snack so much as well...I have little containers I take everywhere but they take up so much space!


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