Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weekend Baking and Other Fun Things

Happy Monday, Everyone!

How was your weekend? I had an exceptionally good one, aside from the fact that I did homework the entire day on Sunday (8AM - 11PM .. ouch).

Friday was an evening spent with my boy. We bowled a string at the local alley, which is something we really enjoy but just haven't gotten around to in over a year! I bowled a 166, with four strikes in a row! I had to end on a high note, which is the main reason for bowling only one string..

Saturday evening was spent with friends celebrating my good friend Brit's birthday. I mentioned that I would be doing a lot of baking for the occasion, and I actually have a couple of pictures to show for it!

I made these cute little tea cookies and accompanied them with some nice chai. The cookies have the lightest hint of lemon, which really gets me into the spirit of Spring!

I included a loaf of my favorite, no-knead bread with the gift. Brit and her husband really enjoy having bread with dipping oils and cheese, so I thought this would be perfect for them.

my favorite homemade bread

A. gave me the idea to wrap each box with heavy paper and twine. He wrapped my recent birthday gift this way, and I thought that it was fabulously simple and chic.

the finished product

I attached this cheeky little card just for fun..

My picture-taking abilities are abysmal, I know. But, I really wanted to share my weekend's work with you!


  1. That's an amazing bowling score! :) you go girl!

  2. Thank you, Nina! I'm so happy you stopped by; I love your blog :)


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