Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Silhouette Art

I recently mentioned that I have begun the process of Spring cleaning. I not only want to give my place a good scrub from top to bottom and donate a substantial amount of my possessions to charity, but I also would like to do a bit of redecorating in the process.

One of my goals is to incorporate more original artwork from the many talented artists out there into the space. In addition, I have been hanging up a few pieces of my own here and there.

I think that I am going to tackle a silhouette project next. I want to hang a cluster of family silhouettes in the bedroom. Don't you just love the two displays here? I can't wait to pick up some good quality black paper and get cutting - I feel inspired!

Do you incorporate your own art/craft projects into your home decor?

{images from here, and here}

1 comment:

  1. I love that first one, it looks ivy spreading across the wall.

    The only self-made crafty thing I have around is a clothesline of my own photos and sketches mixed with the work of others that hangs above my desk. I do have a beautiful mobile made of delicate twigs that I friend hand-crafted for me though.


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