Tuesday, June 8, 2010

La Langue Française

My beau A. and I have been together for about six and a half years. We began dating when we were only seventeen, so in a lot of ways we have grown up together. We have deeply influenced each other, and the adults we have become.

Because we have been together for so long, it feels like we know everything about one another. As a fun little experiment, each week I have been sharing one thing about myself that A. does not know. In return, A. has told me something new about himself. It has been a bit difficult, but the results have led to some wonderful discussions and an even deeper feeling of closeness between the two of us. The process has really helped me to be honest with myself and what I want out of life, which has been another surprising, positive effect.

The other night, I had a thought that really surprised me. My "plan" for the past few years was to receive my Masters and work for a year while I applied to PhD programs. Since receiving my MA, I haven't as yet had the urge to continue my formal education.

I have, interestingly, become very interested in learning another language. I have always wanted to learn French, but recently I have become much more serious about pursuing this goal. In fact, in this moment, if I had to choose between mastering French or receiving my PhD, I would choose the former. I never would have expected this of myself.

I shared this new-found perspective with A., and he smiled a little. He knew I wanted to learn French, because he does also. The fact that I was now considering this goal even more seriously than a PhD was new information. He left the room and returned with a little box. He told me that what he had was a CD drive to install Rosetta Stone on his computer so we could begin learning French. He was going to surprise me with it, but thought that moment was the best time to share the news!

I am so excited to begin the process. I love a new challenge, and this is a great goal for my beau and I to work toward together.

Have you learned a language as an adult? I would love to hear any suggestions you have!

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  1. How sweet of him. I like that you guys share something new with each other. I'm almost in a new relationship & I'm enjoying learning about my guy. I too want to learn French!! Let us know if the Rosetta Stone is working!! =)


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