Thursday, February 18, 2010

Professional Fashion For The Working Girl

The end of February is quickly approaching. As a grad student in my last semester in a Master's program, there are only a few precious months left to find a real job ... scary.

I do plan to start a Ph.D program in about a year, but I do want to take a little break from the books. I need a little time to recuperate, and I want to test the waters of the working world before I make a final decision to commit to five more years of school.

The career path I have chosen to pursue is quite conservative, fashion-wise. Economists aren't traditionally applauded for there style-sense.

I love academia. However, I also love fashion and all things creative! I am really trying hard to find work-appropriate clothing that doesn't compromise my love of all that is pretty and unique.

I am really liking the extra special touches in each of these otherwise classic outfits. I think the gray dress would be the perfect backdrop for a great set of necklaces, a fun cardigan or a handmade broach.

I really like the mismatched take on the traditional suit, too.

OK, this last outfit probably wouldn't work so well in a conservative working environment, but look at those SHOES! I want these just for fun.

1 comment:

  1. I like that first one. so chic you'd deserves a promotion! haha.



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