Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Year of Mornings..

I am sure that many people have already discovered this little gem of a book, but if you haven't, you should really check it out..

The premise is simple, yet inspired: two friends, living across the country from one another (in Portland, Oregon and Portland, Maine, respectively), captured the quiet moments of the morning hours each day for a year. Each set of photos corresponds to a single day, with one snapshot from the East coast and one from the West coast.

This book first drew me in because the pictures are so simple and serene. I was really excited to see that one of the partners in this project resides in Portland, Maine which is about 30 minutes from my hometown.

A., the sweet boy that he is, got me this book as a surprise for Christmas (along with the Sartorialist coffee table book!). I have only recently become more of a morning person; lately I have been rising at 6 a.m. during the school/work week. The early hours really do have a calm, quiet quality unlike any other time of day. I think the photographs in this book truly capture the beauty of a fresh start...

I like to try to guess which in each set was taken in Maine ... my homeland!

Are you a morning person? What do you like best about the early hours of the day?

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  1. I haven't but it does sound good. will definitely check it out. thanks dear!



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