Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Princeton, Stella & Magoo

The one thing that I love more than anything in this world is cats...

I don't mind if, for many, this brings to mind visions of a crazy cat lady. I will happily wear that hat! Quite frankly, I'm surprised this post didn't come sooner (not that I have been blogging for very long..).

My boyfriend, A., feels the same way. We adopted these two lovelies from a local shelter a few months after we moved in. They were the two kitties left in what is referred to as the "Long Term Residents Ward", which was the shelter's nice way of saying they had been there the longest without being adopted.

When I look at these faces, I just don't understand how that could be possible!

(Stella Dottie B.)

(Princeton Francis B.)

The employees were so happy we adopted these wonderful kitties that they made an announcement over the speaker that they were "finally going home". It was a really great day for us!

A. and I hold a very special place in our hearts for cats, and we often talk about how we can give back to those who are making a difference. Our Christmas gift to each other this year was a donation to a wonderful non-profit that takes in blind cats and gives them a forever home. The Magoo Room is a sanctuary for kitties who in many cases would not otherwise find loving families.

This husband-and-wife team are amazing, and we were so happy that we could help their cause in some small way.

So, these are our babies! They will be making many more appearances in the future, because I just can't help but share!


  1. Aw :) I'm a cat lover too. We have three at our house!

    Come and enter my Valentine's giveaway!

  2. Aah, I'm not so fond of cats. Kind of scared of them actually. I dunno why!



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