Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Best Invention Ever - The Scratch Lounge

(Princeton "lounging")

This post is for all of you who adore your cats, but dislike the destruction that seems to come with the territory when you have furry children.

I stumbled upon this little beauty while perusing the house tours on AT. It was tucked away in a corner in one of the shots, but I was able to make out the words "Scratch Lounge" written on the side.

Stella (below) really likes the vertical scratch post we have, but I think she enjoys the arms of the couch even more. Princeton (first photo), however, never warmed up to it.

(Stella looking mischievous)

I thought I would give the lounge a try, hoping it would be a hit and serve as a distraction from other things like the couch and the kitchen chairs I toiled away reupholstering. The top picture says it all: SUCCESS!

My two babies have been fighting over this since it arrived in the mail a few weeks ago. I just might have to invest in a second to keep them both happy. An added bonus; very little scratching of our furniture has occurred since!

Long story short, I would highly recommend the "lounge" to anyone who has destructive furry children. It's only natural for kitties to scratch, and this gives them a great place to do it (and nap, too).

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