Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finding Joy

Today was a lovely day. Not because work was remarkable (it wasn't), the weather was beautiful (it was bitter outside), or because I was feeling great (I'm still dealing with some lingering cold symptoms).

I'm smiling today because of the little moments. The short, quiet ride to work this morning. A warm cup of berry tea this afternoon. Catching up with the boy while making a pie crust this evening. Sharing a simple dinner at the table after a long day.

Where did you find joy today?


  1. I found joy in organizing a lot of things in our clutter-filled apartment yesterday, getting a call from the vet saying Gus would be better off at home (hooray!) and then finally bringing him home and seeing him feeling better. Thanks for asking! PS - I love your glasses!

  2. I found some joy in your adorable hair cut!

    But really I found joy in my 5:45am yoga class, which was then followed by a warm cup of coffee that my big guy brewed for me before he went to work at 6; coming home to the fresh aroma.

    Then I drove in fog where I admired the Lord at work in my life.

    At 1:30 I met my mim [mom] at a local park where we went running together. Now my legs are jello, yet it's a joyful jello. Yoga and Running in one day; phew!

    Then after work I jumped a friends car back to life all the while almost lighting myself on fire because I had never jumped a car and I had left the cables attached to my car. Yet there was great joy with lots of screams and laughter.

    Tonight I cooked the big guy meat and potatoes, but after an hour of cooking, the potatoes weren't done, so we laughed at how I couldn't even bake a potato. Joy.

    My day was full. It was a good day. One I will remember.

  3. Thank you both for sharing, and making me smile today :)


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