Monday, May 10, 2010

Yellow Pom Inspired Earrings

I am currently loving yellow pom flowers. These little lovelies have been featured a lot in the design blogs I enjoy, and I have definitely been bitten by the pom bug too!

This particular feature from Ruffled inspired me to get crafty this weekend. I thought, "how great would it be to wear these cheerful little flowers everyday?", and the idea to make a pair of "pom" earrings was born!

To make these, I used clay as the base, and strung a web of seed beads around the form to imitate the look of real yellow poms. I backed the studs with a matching yellow fabric, and voila!

Now I get to wear these happy little buds whenever I want! I think they came out quite well, considering I made up the design as I went along.

Has someone or something ever inspired you to get creative? I would love to hear!

{top images: Ruffled}

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