Thursday, December 2, 2010

On Personal Style

Usually I am a pretty decisive person when it comes to design and style. I know what I like. I always try to let my emotions drive my personal style and design choices. If I'm strongly drawn to something, I buy it. I trust that each separate choice will result in a collection of possessions that truly represents my personal aesthetic. I don't worry about creating a cohesive look, because I think that happens naturally when you allow yourself to just be drawn in by what you like.

My style "philosophy" has really worked for me. I think my personal aesthetic is reflected well in the way I dress, the look of my home and in my art. I see strong, consistent patterns in my clothing, decor and art. I'm drawn to cheery colorways, mixing patterns, bold accents, quirky/whimsical silhouettes, with the occasional infusion of simplistic design for balance.

So, I'm curious how you make your own style and design decisions. Do you let your emotions drive you, or are you more methodical, carefully thinking about other pieces you own and whether something new will fit into your overall "look"? Everyone is different, so I would love to hear how you approach personal style!

{Image: "Heartstring" from Pretty Ingrid. Available in my shop!}

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