Friday, December 3, 2010

Quirky Holiday Fun

I stumbled upon this gorgeous wreath DIY at Poppytalk this morning. I want it for my front door in a very bad way. I just might make this my weekend project! I love how festive this bright wreath is without being too obvious. It's just plain cheery!

Pickles recommends buying the felted balls pre-made, but I don't think I'll be able to find any in my area. I do know that I can get my hands on some wool roving, though, so I may go for it! Maybe a mini version would be more doable?

I think this would look great on our white outside door. We went pretty traditional with the tree, so I'm loving the idea of a more offbeat take on the holiday wreath!


  1. it is really cool and of you do not mind I will copy this style too!

  2. Oh, absolutely Lila! The DIY looks really great. Let's spread the cheer around!

  3. I just love unconventional christmas decorations, cards, wrapping... this is a really good find!

  4. Just found you via another blog and you have inspired me. I want to make that as soon as I get off work. It's so simple and so cute.


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