Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cranberry Coins and Lattes

Today is our office holiday party, so last night I decided to test out a recipe from the lovely Martha Stewart Holiday Cookies issue. The magazine is really lovely, with so many great recipes. I will definitely be adding it to my cookbook shelf for later cookie inspiration.

These cranberry coins are SO good. They are buttery shortbread cookies flecked dried cranberries. The tartness of the cranberry makes these a bit more interesting than the traditional shortbread, and festive to boot!

Cranberry coins paired with a homemade latte first thing this morning - Perfect.

P.S. This set is perfect if you are looking to make excellent coffee drinks at home, without investing hundreds in an espresso maker. The milk frother is much less scary than the traditional, pressure-powered version. I know from experience.


  1. Those cookies look wonderfully delicious! I love Martha for how amazing she can make you feel when it comes to making food.

  2. They were SO delicious :) Martha is the best, isn't she? I feel like a baking rock star when I make one of her recipes!

  3. Hi Danielle.They looked great!I'm going to try making them!:) Jan


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